Coaching blog

06 September, 2019

I am happy to announce that I have signed a contract with Al Jahra Sports Club from Kuwait for coaching U-20 team in season 2019/20.
Kuwait is my 7th country where I am working as a professional football coach (Slovenia, Brunei Darussalam, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Egypt).

Today is my 21st day since my arrival in Al Jahra. In 21 days we had 15 training session, 3 friendly matches in 3 days offs.

AL KUWAIT vs.AL JAHRA 4:1 (2:1)
AL KHAITAN vs. AL JAHRA 1:3 (0:2)
AL SAHEL vs. AL JAHRA 1:2 (0:2)

September 12th my team will play first championship match away with Al Salmiya Sports Club